Charleston SC: Why We Build

Rich in history, character, and cusine...Charleston SC was a photographic destination for a week in March with 12 other photographers, and Tony and Tim running their PB workshop. Fast paced, fun, learned things, but maybe it was a bit too structured. The plantations and countryside were very southern and very beautiful, the Atlantic Ocean not as dynamic as the Pacific, and my wish was to have more time for street stuff in this historic city. But I did have time for a little architectural photography.

Architecture tells a story beyond "form is function." The built architecture reflects a human presence; those who design and live in these structures and the times they live in. It is also about creating durable and visible symbols of wealth, power, dignity, dreams, love, and many other human interests. And it is about the aesthetic of form, light, color, and repetition, especially important from a photographer's point of view. I merely scratched the surface here in Charleston and want to explore this form of photography more for its human presence, symbolism, and abstraction.  

Charleston Architecture-4.jpg
Charleston Architecture-1.jpg
Charleston Architecture-2.jpg
Charleston Architecture-3.jpg
Charleston Architecture-8.jpg
Charleston Architecture-9.jpg
Charleston Architecture-5.jpg
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Charleston Architecture-11.jpg
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