A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.
— Diane Arbus
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is a photographer living in Portland, Oregon. Born in Chicago, he migrated to the West after college and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, a place of stunning natural landscapes. After living briefly in Southern California to obtain his PhD in organizational psychology, Jim settled in Portland to pursue a long career in educational research and development before turning to photography as a serious endeavor.

Natural landscapes inspire Jim and are a large part of his photographic work. In nature, we can feel whole and begin to see our true selves within the larger universe of which we are a tiny part.

Jim is a psychologist so people and human environments are also a focus of his photography. Primary interests include street photography and portraiture, classic and modern architecture, travel photography, and simply documenting the everyday places we humans live and interact in.



Juried group exhibitions

PhotoPlace Gallery, Travel: Faces and Places, November 2018, Middlebury, Vermont

Blank Wall Gallery, Street Photography, January 2018, Athens, Greece

Southeast Center for Photography, Landscape, Grand or Personal, September 2017, Greenville, South Carolina

LightBox Photographic Gallery, PDX30, April 2017, Astoria, Oregon

Black Box Gallery, Portraiture: Photography Now, on-line exhibitions; September 2016; August 2015, Portland, Oregon

Newspace Center for Photography, Member’s Salon; October 2015, 2014, 2013, Portland, Oregon

Concordia University, Libraries’ Art and Culture Program, Uniquely Oregon: A Visual Exploration, July 2015, Portland, Oregon

Light Box Photographic Gallery, Forty Portland Photographers, April 2014, Portland, Oregon

Black Box Gallery, Journeys: Travel Photography, December 2013, Portland, Oregon