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Born in Chicago, I moved to Portland Oregon after college and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, a place where people live in relative harmony with beautiful natural landscapes. I am a self-taught photographer but have been guided by teachers, mentors, and muses along the way.

My natural landscapes reflect the solitude of places where there are no mirrors to remind me that I am unique and apart from nature. Natural landscapes are paradoxical and mysterious places holding secrets that will never be fully revealed. I seek the grandeur, quietness, grace, and violence of nature as a place of refuge.

I am a psychologist also interested in understanding the interplay between human beings and their environment. People adapt to the physical and cultural environment while at the same time altering the environment to fulfill their needs and desires. People, architecture, the land, and local place and culture are some of the subjects I focus on in this work.

My work has been shown in galleries in the Northwest and in other parts of the U.S. and Europe. If you like my work and would like to purchase a print, click Buy Prints.

Jim Kushman






photo: Lauryn Hare 2017